Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 26: What to do With Contact Lens Cases?

It's the home stretch for the Clutter-Busting Challenge. And after this week's donation bonanza, now, I can focus on one final big sweeping cleanup. June will be a great time to organize.

While I have taken the last two weekends off, I did look through our toiletries stash hoping to de-clutter them this weekend. But it was like the same situation with getting rid of our books. It was so hard to get rid of anything. So Saturday was a bust. I did reorganize the toiletries. But I am hoping for another inspiring breakthrough like when we gave away 160 books last week.

Last night, I did remember the 7 contact lens cases we have. Only one person wears contacts in our family. The problem is that every new bottle of contact lens solution comes with a new contact case. That's something I just cannot see myself donating to the thrift store or giving to a friend. And I don't think they can be recycled. So, I've held on to them until last night. It's ok to just toss some things and not feel guilty about the environment being messed up.

Besides, I can't worry about cleaning up the environment when I can't even keep my own house clean. Can anyone relate?

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