Sunday, April 28, 2013

Enjoying Spring in the East Coast

After many years living in the Gulf Coast, where the two seasons are hot and hotter, we are enjoying the four seasons of Virginia. They are pretty short, each with its own fleeting beauty.

The lawn guys have only started cutting the grass again so we have enjoyed the yard covered in wild violets. Next spring, I would love to plant some of these purple beauties in pots.

Dogwood is the state flower and tree of Virginia. They have a nice structure to them. I love seeing these trees especially the pink ones everywhere.

We have crab apple trees that produced amazing blossoms. I was able to take some pictures before the inchworms attacked many of them.

Lastly, spring is really here and the birds are busy building their nests. I've seen sparrows, chickadees and this robin with a beak full of straw fluttering about.

How are you enjoying your spring season?

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