Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Send Out For FREE Samples with Surprise Coupons Too!

31 Habits of the Frugal Shopper #2:
Get Free Samples By Mail!

In this one box from PG, I received 10 product samples and a cute little purse. Not only was it all FREE, but it came with coupon friends. Plenty of PG coupons in fact, making up for the Sunday of 12-9 when I decided not to buy the paper and missed out on 3 coupon inserts, including PG.

It's easy to find out about these samples from money-saving sites like Hip2Save that I check at least once a day for coupons and deals. Also, Sweeties Freebies is a good site as is Woman Freebies. Even without a Facebook account, there are plenty of freebies from samples to be had.

Most companies will ask for house address as well as an email account. I recommend getting a separate email account with a non-descript name (like w32firqx@...) to use just for samples or sweepstakes. Also, I don't choose to receive newsletters and promos. This does not seem to increase the number of samples the companies send.

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