Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Goals for 2013

It is that time of year. The hopeful beginning each January brings reels me into a dreamy state of goal-setting. It was motivating to get on the ball and plan after reading goals set by fellow readers at Money Saving Mom. But as I thought about all the things in my life that need improving, a chorus of a song came to mind. It's from my husband's song called "Chasing Dreams"
Chorus from "Chasing Dreams" (c) 2013 
Start chasing butterflies
instead of playing the game,
because someone will win,
someone will lose,
it always ends the same way.

Start making memories like old timers do.
They say, "Sometimes the best of times
are when your dreams come true."
So, don't be afraid to reach out
for the things you want to do.
Don't be afraid to reach out
for the things you want to do.
I realized that the goals forming in my head didn't involve much fun or making memories. That is the more important goal this year for our family. Sure, there are tough decisions to make and we have to buckle down and get serious about some things. But what my heart aches for is creating, enjoying and capturing life with my family.

This year was the first autumn for our children. They weren't playing in the leaves at first. I asked them what was wrong and they replied, "We don't know what to do!" So I had to show them how to kick up the leaves and make a pile fit for jumping on.

There are lots of new things about living in a place with four seasons they don't know anything about yet. I just can't wait to see the wonder in their eyes when they make their new discoveries.

With fun in mind, here are some goals I hope to accomplish this year:

1. Treat each family member special once a month. For each person's day that corresponds with their birthday (like 20th for me): take their picture, do something with them that they like to do, and serve a favorite food.

2. Take weekly pictures and video clips. A Lego creation or outfit ensemble or getting a new jewel for their Awana vest- short and sweet. Plus copy them onto DVD or CD once a month.

3. Visit a park at least once a week. You can always find people enjoying walking, biking or picnicking in a park here. A few days ago, while driving by the river, I noticed a path of stone stairs. We pulled over and walked. We were surprised to find a spring and some old stone retaining wall and crossed a creek by walking on a fallen tree. This short impromptu hiking trip was only two miles from where we live!

4. Attend a community event that highlights history and tradition of the city at least twice a month. This has been the best way to treat field trips since we moved here. There is always something awesome going on that can be enjoyed as a family.

5. Meet up with friends for dinner or dessert monthly. Instead of our usual Noche Buena, we went to the neighbors for cake and ice cream and sang Happy Birthday Jesus. That was so simple and lots of fun.

6. Continue family movie nights. Since working retail, my husband came home late most nights until two years ago. He switched stores and had much better hours. To celebrate, we started Family Movie Night.

7. Date-night-in as a couple is a must because we don't have regular babysitters. We watch a movie together and have more grown-up food like sushi or spicy salsa and chips. This year, we will watch classic Hollywood movies from the list, 100 Greatest Films.

8. Pray together everyday as a family. Nothing to it, just needs to get done.

9. Train as a family. Since we are no longer beach bums in a picturesque community, we have to be more alert to our surroundings and capable of defending ourselves. The children have been doing martial arts with their daddy since they were knee high. It's just mommy that needs to get with the program.

10. Laugh more. We all need to learn new jokes and laugh out loud more.

I am still learning how to set goals. As the months progress, I am sure I'll add other goals. But I think this list is very doable and reflects my heart's desires. So this is the best place to start!

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  1. Good luck with your 2013 goals!


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