Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

This is week 4 of the Pantry Challenge. And I am so looking forward to making other dishes besides the same old stuff in my freezer and pantry. We ran out of the basics so I went grocery shopping this weekend. It's hard for me to deviate from the plan without feeling guilty so I just remind myself that the point is to pare down the pantry, which we are doing.

Monday: Cinnamon rolls, cookout with hotdogs and smores, Filipino porridge

(We made Fun-da-middles cupcakes to take to friends for a playdate after lunch.)
Lugaw- a Filipino rice porridge

Tuesday: French toast, burritos, Filipino potato stew

Weds: Mashed potato pancakes, pork chops and homemade mac n cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (to take to Awana)

Thursday: Cinnamon rolls, Couscous and fish, fried rice with pork

Friday: Cereal, cheese fries and sausages, pizza

Saturday: Cereal, stir fry cabbage and noodles, tomato soup and crackers

Sunday: Pop-Tarts and yogurt, chicken broccoli casserole, leftovers
Homemade pizza: diced ham and mozzarella

Tonight, I made cupcakes for tomorrow and some for the freezer. I cooked the rice and beans going into the burritos as well as the potato stew and rice porridge.

Even though we are eating much less than normal with lots of soups and meatless dishes, no one is complaining too much because there is usually dessert served. We also have lots of cereal left that can be eaten for snack in between meals. Plus plenty of holiday candy to add a little happy to the pantry challenge.

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