Sunday, December 30, 2012

Target Christmas Clearance 50-70% off!

Target clearance reported now at 50% off bagged candy, 70% off toys, Dollar Spot, and other goodies. Like $0.75 for Andes chocolates and Terry's chocolate orange for $1 or so, if you can find them! Goldfish is $0.50 and with the regular flavors. The chips Milano cookies should be $0.75 each. I picked up mine a few days ago at 50% off because the shelves were getting bare very quickly and I wanted to make sure to get some snacks for New Year's Eve.

If you still have that $3 off Threshold or Home Placemats, you might get some for free. These were not with the Christmas items but would be with the other regular placemats. I was able to get two for free when the coupon first came out. We used them as wall hangings. These placemats are thick and very pretty.
Lastly, if you are a fan of Totally Target, you'll notice she sometimes gives away cute gift cards like these. I thought you would pay for the cute toy plus put money on the giftcard. But these are completely FREE! I've been keeping my eye out for these and found 3 so far. They are reloadable so I put money in it first and use it to pay for my regular transactions. That way, they will be sitting in the closet empty, waiting to be reloaded and given as gifts for little people next year..

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