Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Super Cheap Dice Games at Target

I just came back from Target with 2 Yahtzee games pricecut at $5.99. I still had 2 $2 manufacturer coupons. And I used a $2 Target store coupon. Plus, Hasbro has mail-in-rebate for lots of their board games. Buying just 2 games qualifies for a $5 rebate. That comes out to $0.50 a game!

$11.98 =2 yahtzee
-$4 manuf q (no longer available)
-$2 target q
-$5 Hasbro MIR
$0.98 for 2 games

I've had the manufacturer's coupon for a while because my Kroger had them BOGO. But I kept forgetting to check everytime I went to the store. Then, yesterday, I did check and of course they were back to regular price.
How glad was I to see them on sale at Target! Our kids love playing Skip Bo. So, I'm hoping they will also like Yahtzee. There were otherboard games on sale. Check Kerry's post at TotallyTarget for the latest on toy price cuts.

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