Sunday, December 30, 2012

CVS: Save 50% on Toys and Chocolates at !

Target is my fave place for Christmas clearance BUT it's frustrating to find most items I waited for 50% clearance gone on Dec 26th!

So I was so happy to see CVS had plenty of toys, including Discovery Kids cameras, on clearance. The Lego-type minifigures was $3 with a vehicle, 3 minifigures and 3 tools. The girl's jewelry music box with dancing ballerina was only $5. They also had $2.50 harmonicas, mini-dolls, kitchen gadgets, emergency car kits, bath robe sets! Lots of stuff 50% off.

As for the candy, Hershey's Kisses were $1.99 already. With the $2.50 off 2 CVS Q and $1.10 off 2 manufacturer's Qs, they come out $0.20 each! I went ahead and separated the colors into baggies, red for Valentine's, green for St. Patricks, the rest for decorating cookies or just to eat now.

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