Friday, December 7, 2012

Frugal Fridays: Ci-Ci's Style BBQ Pizza

For 2 years now, Friday is Family Movie Night at our house. We've watched over a hundred movies together, some new releases from Redbox, some old favorites on VHS tapes, lots of free library DVD's.

Pizza is the mainstay plus cake for dessert. We usually have homemade pizza or Little Caesar's pepperoni. But it's been a couple months since we've had any. A while ago, Kroger had Tony's Pizza for $.25 with their $5 off 5 mega sale.
I spent around $25 for all of this, donated lots too!

Since my daughter likes cheese pizza, I bought a bunch of these for pizza night. Then I was able to get Digorno pizza for $.50 after coupons at CVS.  These deals have come and gone, but it's now December and we just ate our last frozen pizza tonight.

Have you tasted Tony's Pizza? Let's just say it's no Digorno. Since we were out of those, I added bbq sauce to shredded turkey and threw in some mozzarella cubes then added these to the kiddie cheese pizza. Voila! now it's edible. BBQ pizza was my favorite at Ci-Ci's back in my college days. But I always forget to make it for pizza night. It's so easy and a nice kid friendly pizza for those who say, "Pepperoni just too spicy for me, Mommy. "

How about you? Share your frugal family bonding traditions. Link-up to Frugal Fridays for more.

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