Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dollar Tree Christmas Clearance 50% Off!

Our area not only has gigantic Dollar Trees, we also have mini-versions called $1 Spot or something akin to that. They had plenty of napkins, placemats, gift bags, oven mitts and regular Christmas d├ęcor for $0.50 as of December 26. So, it might be 75% off in a couple of days.

Since we moved here with hardly anything, I have been using folded dishtowels for potholders, much to my family's dismay and fear for my safety. I was glad to happen upon these red mitts for $1 a pair. The downside is they are both right-handed mitts, with plain red cloth on the back side. Maybe all the left-handed ones sold out. They fit both hands, it's just the right hand will be unadorned.

That's my vanity revealing itself.

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