Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kraft Salad Dressing Money Maker

Since our Publix still accepts CVS Qs, I am planning this scenario below. CVS has Reinventing Beauty Mags with CVS Qs. The latest issue from a couple months ago had both $1 Kraft and $1 Crystal Light coupons. This week's sale at Publix has both on BOGO deals at $3.19 and $3.49 respectively. Plus there are Target Qs to stack.

Here is what I'm doing:
Buy 6 Kraft dressing
Use 2 Target b2g1
Use 4 $1 CVS Qs from Reinventing Beauty Mag
Plus 3 Produce Qs if you have them (tearpads)

Get 3 FREE from Publix BOGO
Get 2 FREE from Target Qs
That leaves 1 to use $4 off with CVS Q

=$1.19 overage plus more if you have produce Qs

Did you know that an often requested product from soldiers deployed overseas is Crystal Light and similar powdered juice packets? Even if you don't drink it, consider donating.

Here is my scenario:
Buy 4 Crystal Light
Use B3G1 Target Q
Use 3 $1 CVS Qs

Get 2 FREE from Publix sale
Get 1 FREE from Target Q
Get $3 off remaining box

=$.49 for 4

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