Monday, November 22, 2010

Target Toy Super Shopping! Restocked for Tomorrow

It's funny how priorities tell a lot about you. Our one vehicle is "resting" for a few days. With all this talk about Target's BOGO toy sales, I just couldn't stand it anymore. I called someone to go there with me. After dinner, after her and my children were surely asleep, and the dads getting there too, we trekked to Target. What a fun time we had! I even printed extra coupons in case she wanted to buy a couple things, which she did. We shared a $5 Q to a grandmother buying a Thomas the Train set, too.

We had a great time of fellowship and we also got great deals!

These are the item I got:
2 FREE Leapfrog Tag books (BOGO & two $5 Qs)
2 other Leapfrog Tag books, $2 each after Qs
Barbie Rapunzel $6 (w/ 50% off Q)
2 Hasbro Card Games ($1 overage)*
Total: $6

Food I couldn't ignore:
Shrimp, $3 (used $1 Target Q)
Market Pantry Egg Nog (for my hubby) $1.99
2 dozen eggs $0.99 each (forgot this $0.55/2 Q)

*Target registers now detect overage on coupons and scan them down accordingly. Lately, on certain non-printable coupons, I've received overage. I'm not sure which these were. But the Hasbro Card Games (many are $3.99) have $5 Q found inside of the package. They are ringing up with $1.01 overage! There are still plenty left & with at least 4 types on sale.

The only downer was those Cuponk games, they were too scary for me! I wouldn't get those even they were moneymakers. So I have 2 coupons for them and as I was leaving it on the shelf for someone else to use, the Target employee told me he would have to throw them away. The store considers them paper trash. So sad. So next time you feel the urge to coupon fairy a few items, tuck them into the actual product. Or hand them to people in the aisle or in line at the register.

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