Friday, November 19, 2010

Target- Almost FREE Pajamas!

Print the $10 off 3 Target coupon before it's gone. It doesn't expire until sometime December so you could use it for Black Friday sales next week. But if curiosity gets the better of you like it did me,you'll find some worthy clearance items up for the taking.

These are 50% off, shorts are $3.98 while pajamas are $6.48, with many different kinds to choose from. At our store, there were racks of 50% off and also marked and unmarked rack 30% off. Many sock monkey prints are available. Some bras and underwear are included too. What I did was go around the corner, at the sportswear section, where 75% off undies made them only $0.75, perfect filler items. It doesn't even matter if you can't find any your size. Grab one ($0.75), shorts ($3.98) and pjs ($6.48); use $10/3 and pay only $1.23 for everything. I'm going back for more while the selections is still good! Also, at the sports section, there are $1.25 tights (mostly neon colors SM/MED sizes).

In produce, Glory Green are marked down $1.25, so only $0.35 with this $0.90 PRINT (it prints in the middle of the page). After we came home, I cooked them in the pressure cooker right away. The sell-by-date is Nov 25. The salad shrimp are only $4, use the $1 Target Q to make them $3... I see shrimp grits in our future. Eggs are $0.99, cheaper with $0.55/2 coupon. Not a fan of regular eggs? These have no restrictions on variety. Too bad that Target hiked the organic eggs to $3.39, but the coupon should help a little.

I also got this chuck tender roast with a $3 off sticker. They are $3.59/lb on sale, so it was like getting one pound free. I have these marinating in the fridge and ready for grilling. If you can't find one with a manager's special discount, you can also use the $1 Target Q.

Finally, it's a nice blessing to see peelies at our store for cheese. I've heard of many other cities boasting these and now we have some. The are $1 off when you buy both cheese and Philly cream cheese. Since cream cheese is $1.19 (stack with $0.50/2 Target Q) and Kraft shreds are $1.80 (stack with $1/2 Target Q), these should give you cheap cheese. There is also a $1.25/3 from a booklet found at Winn-Dixie in the baking section. I've only seen this booklet over at 9th Ave next to Michaels and Target.

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