Friday, November 19, 2010

Sushi from Publix

I love Amy's Finer Things Friday. It reminds me to constantly look out for the marvelous in the mundane. This is especially helpful for Date-Night-In. Grandparents live far away and babysitting can be costly. So we hangout at home when the children sleep and we watch movies from the Redbox. Or the Blockbuster Express found inside Publix. With all the savings, we do splurge on the snacks. Sushi is my favorite date food. I look forward to it like I do Starbucks Ice Cream.

Sushi from Publix is borderline expensive to me, but it is so yummy. One catch though, I only recommend getting it from Mobile Hwy. Mike and Sharon, owners of the Sushi franchise, are artists. They even change the menu to suit the seasons. For example, this summer, we had sushi with mango salsa. Mike used to work fulltime at a restaurant making sushi before starting on his own. I like getting the spicy sampler because it's so pretty with all the sauces and different trimmings. I hope you get to try it. You can probably ask for a sample if they are there working. They are such a pleasant couple.

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