Monday, November 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 11.22.10

Is it Monday again already? Homeschooling is getting the better of me! My days are all a blur. But at least have more than enough in food in the house. So I will skip shopping this week (maybe).

Here is what I'm thinking for dinners:
Monday- Adobo (Filipino chicken stew)
Tuesday- Amatriciana (bacon & sausage spaghetti)
Weds- Seafood Pasta
Thursday- Thanksgiving
Friday- Turkey Tetrazzini
Saturday- Shrimp & Lentil Soup
Sunday- Turkey Broccoli Casserole

When Publix had their mussels BOGO, I was able to use two $1 Target seafood coupons and got these for only about $1.50 each. They come in garlic sauce that is really delicious. All I needed to do was add pasta and juice of 1 lemon.
Adobo is the only Filipino dish I can make really well. And I'm happy with that because it's inexpensive but very good. It's my favorite comfort food.
We love turkey around here. So I'm looking forward to all the leftovers. Here, I've made it with cucumber sauce- sour cream and chopped cucumber.
My simple plan of sandwiches and soup for lunch, pasta or rice dish for dinner is working out very well! Breakfasts are generally only 3 options: cereal, oatmeal, or scrambled eggs. We also like granola in yogurt. And french bread has been only $0.19, using Target's $1 bakery coupon at Publix.
Lastly, I wanted to point out this Gold'n Plump whole chicken found at Target's meat section. We are blessed to have a Target that constantly puts their meat on clearance. Last week these were $2.50 each, before I've bought these for only $1.75 using a $1 peelie found on some of the other chicken. So be on the lookout. They will put them on sale a few days before the Sell-by-date.

Now I'm getting so hungry thinking about food. Wishing everyone happy cooking! Share your menu plans at OrgJunkie!

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