Friday, October 1, 2010

Target Price Scanner: The Tale of Two Plates

Yesterday I went to Target and listed a few nice 75% off deals. I really wanted to get these square plates that were only $12.48 at my store. Granted we already have enough plates but no square ones. I thought about them for the rest of my shopping trip. Later, I talked to my SIL about 75% off sale on housewares. She was at Target and saw these pretty white plates for only $14.98, 50% off the original price.
I told her about my plates but the same ones she saw were $34, with no sale sticker. I suggested she checked the price at the price scanner. It might be on sale. So she did and it was! Only $0.50 more at $12.98, still an awesome price. The white plates were really cute too and only a few dollars more. She scanned the price in case it was even cheaper. The scanner revealed the truth- it was NOT on sale. The price that rang up was $29.98 not $14.98. That ended the battle of the plates and she chose the square ones, which match her d├ęcor better anyway. Plus I get first dibs if she decides to get rid of them.

Or I could buy a set here and when we get together we can have 8-place setting!

Moral of the story: Use the price scanner!

You’ll find deals from blogs like Totally Target and may get discouraged your store doesn’t have the same discount. Since the price scanners are everywhere, go ahead and check anyway. You might end up with a nice surprise!

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  1. I love square Plates! You should totally get them I dont think you would be disappointed.


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