Saturday, July 10, 2010

Use That $5 off $50 Apple Market Q at Publix!

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Have you been buying the Weds newspaper? Not only can you find the grocery ads there but don't forget to clip the $5 off $50 Apple Market coupon. It's usually found in the food section. Publix now accepts this as a competitor coupon for the Pensacola area. Keep in mind that it's a $50 purchase before other coupons. So, don't let your reaction be, "I don't need it because I don't plan to spend $50 at Publix." Rather, start thinking, "What items could I get to bring me up to $50 but have high value coupons to bring that total way down?" Use any coupons for FREE items or that give overage.

If you shop every week based on your weekly menu plan, my list might be preposterous to you. That's because this is more of a small scale stockpiling trip. I'm gathering enough $0.25 peanut butter and $0.66 apple juice to last us for at least 6 weeks. Simply changing the way you think about your weekly shopping trip can dramatically lower your grocery bill. It's just like buying winter clothes in the summer when they are on deep clearance. Stockpiling at it's best means combining coupons with great sales for the cheapest price.

Here is my shopping plan:
4 Skippy Natural Peanut Butter (BOGO $2.49)
2 Nature's Own Bread (BOGO $2.85)
1 Hormel Bacon ($? around $4)*
4 Yoplait Yoplus Yogurts (BOGO $2.50)
4 Musselman Applesauce (BOGO $1.89)
2 Crystal Farms Eggs ($2 each)
2 Bulls Eye ($1.50 each)
6 White House Apple Juice (3/$5)
Subtotal: $50

*There is a bacon tearpard $2 off Hormel bacon wyb Nature's Own bread. So since I'm getting two breads, I should be able to use two of these coupons. But do I get two bacon items? Probably. I'm saving myself trouble and let one of the managers figure it out for me.

Here are the coupons I'll use:
$5 Apple Market competitor coupon
4 $1 Skippy Peelies (check your store!)
2 $0.75 Natures Own PRINT
2 $2 off Hormel Bacon
2 $0.50 Yoplus PRINT
$2.50 Yoplus Home Mailer (I signed up for this sometime ago)
4 $0.75 Musselman Q from Smart Savings (ask Customer Service)
B1G1 FREE Crystal Farms Eggs from Yellow Ad Flyer
$1 Crystal Farms Eggs from Smart Savings booklet
2 $1 Bulls Eye PRINT
6 $1 White House Apple Juice
Coupon total: $44

=Pay $6 out of pocket (88% savings!)

Wow! That still amazes me how you can start with a $50 purchase (still great with all the BOGO sales). But only pay $6 after a stack of coupons. It's not impossible, it's Publix!

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