Thursday, July 22, 2010

No More Overages at Target

I visited both Targets in Pensacola this week and was disappointed that they no longer allow overages. They are pricing down the coupons so you get the item for free but the generosity stops there. We could have received $2.50 in overage for C9 shirt since the coupon was $5 off any C9 (no longer available) and there are lots of $2.50 shirts in both men’s and boys’ sections. The store by the mall has lots of cute Merona handbags on clearance. I picked out one that was $2.50 and got it FREE but no $0.50 overage from my $3 coupon.
All is not lost.

I also picked up that Embark lunch bag for $3.99 and found the Parents Refund postcard inside. The Bic Pens were only $0.60 but went down to $0.10 with the $1/2 BIC Target coupon. For everything pictured, my total came to $5.23. So only $0.27 after the $4.96 Parents rebate.

For the items pictured here, it only cost $9.50 for everything! I used the $2.50 Finish coupon for the Orange tabs (they were $2.99 each). I also scored 3 packages of Crystal Light using 3 $2 coupons from Vocal Point. The Pure Fitness version has no aspartame! I’m glad they have all these clothing coupons. I paid $8 for a package of 6 Hanes undershirts for my husband, thanks to the $1 off Hanes coupon.

Status Report for the Toy Clearance:
Still no 75% off signs but lots of 50%: Legos, Playmobil, and Trio Barbies, Kai-Kan and Hello Kitty. I have a feeling they’ll be 75% very soon. I also saw Leapfrog Tag Junior for $16, are there any coupons for these?

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