Friday, July 30, 2010

75% Off Toys At Target

UPDATE: I did find a few things on 75% off... but not much.
Fine with me since I had a budget of $13:
Ben Ten toys, $3.22 each
Strawberry Shortcake figurine, $1.48
Barbie Mini Mermaids, $1.22 each
I also bought 2 composition books for $0.25 each

It's finally here! After days of stalking Target, the toys are now 75% off. A friend told a friend who told me that the Star Wars Legos are included at the Perdido Target. I'm assuming that Cordova's Target is also on the ball. So make your list and bring extra cash! I've even seen 75% off women's and girls. Use up those Merona and C9 coupons. Baby blankets and crib bedding were also 75% off at $5 for Circo. Of course that went fast. But pray and check between the shelves. Have fun!

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