Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Publix: Super-Stacking Coupons

I had a DUH moment when I read this simple reminder at I Heart Publix: use the $5 off $50 Retailer Gift Card from Winn-Dixie's ad at Publix. Again, duh! Why didn't I think of that? Afterwards, my brain started waking up and I came up with this ultra-fabulous (praying it works!) scenario:

A Lowe's gift card will earn me lots of brownie points for Father's Day!

Thanks to Frugal Fairhope, with the help of Julie, I found out that Publix now takes Apple Market coupons.

First up: Apple Market's $5 off $50- a competitor coupon.
Then, please scan my $5 off $50 retailer gift card coupon. (it should be considered a store coupon, not a $xx off $xxx.)
Third, throw in $5 Walgreen's RR - a Manufacturer's coupon!
Finally, I have $15 in a Publix gift card to make it cheaper.
With all these coupons, my total should be $20 for a $50 GC!

In case they give me trouble, I'll add a banana for a filler item.
Will it work? Stay tuned.

On top of that, I might even get a $10 off $50 Lowes coupon to further sweeten the deal. This Saturday is a Build and Grow Clinic at Lowes. The project is a picture frame for Dad. They will most likely give a Father's Day coupon (maybe $10 off $50) along with the Certificate like they did for Mother's Day. So take your kids or your neighbors'!

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