Monday, March 1, 2010

Food World Double Coupons!

It's verified: Food World is the only store in Pensacola that doubles coupons. Although it's nearly impossible to get a great coupon deal at Food World, keep an eye out anyway. Today I went and bought Bird's Eye Steamfresh Veg for only $0.19 :
Bird's Eye Steamfresh $0.89
-0.35 from 2/28 SS
-0.35 for doubling Q
=only $0.19 for veggies!

I would have really stocked-up but that was the only coupon I had. But this Sunday's sole coupon insert only had this ONE great coupon for Bird's Eye. It seems that we missed out on quite a few coupons. C'est la vie! At least we don't pay tax for food!

Also, the Marcal items are normally $1 but are $0.69 through Tuesday. I tried to get the toilet paper for $0.69 and use a $2 off Q (it says off any) BUT the cashier won't let me get overage. She said it wouldn't be right to give me something for FREE plus more. Au contraire, it serves the store to give me overage. On their receipt, the original price shows on one line then right below is another line showing the store discount. Giving me overage let's them recoup what they lose from their store discount by charging the manufacturer full price. (This is what they do at Winn-Dixie.) If only they see things my way... they'd have won over another customer! Alas, the world obviously doesn't revolve around me and I was feeling too sick today to press the issue. I will try this again before the coupon expires 3-7-10, but this time with a different cashier.

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