Monday, February 8, 2010

Walgreens Deals Feb 7-13

Register Rewards (RRs) at Walgreens are manufacturer’s coupons (MQs), so treat them accordingly. Each item can only have one MQ: you cannot have more coupons than you do items. So if you have 10 items, and 10 other MQ’s, you cannot use RR’s on top of these 10 coupons. You must get filler items (like pencils or seed packets). And remember to spend those RRs before they expire. I think I’ll start writing the dates into my calendar!

EASY FREEBIES: Simple scenarios for newbies!

Dove Men’s Body Wash $5.99, Get $5.99 RRs
Use $1.50 PRINT to make this an easy $1.50 money maker!

Gillette Fusion $8.99, Get $4 RR
Buy 1 Gillette Razor, cost $8.99
Use $4 coupon from 2-7-10 PG (this Sunday’s paper)
Pay $4.99 out of pocket
Get $4 RR
Only $0.99 after RR!


Register Rewards cannot be rolled over like ECBs or Target Gift Cards. So you cannot do the Gillette deal over and over because the RR will not print the second time around. The way to get around this is to use the RR to buy a product from a different company. Below is an example:

1st Trans: Buy Gillette Razor/ $8.99 -$4MQ = $4.99; Get $4 RR
2nd Trans: Buy Dove Men’s + filler item/ $5.99 -$1.50MQ -$4RR = $0.49 + filler item; Get $5.99 RR
3rd Trans: Buy Gillette Razor + $1 filler item/ $8.99 -$4MQ -$5.99RR= FREE; Get $4 RR

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