Friday, February 19, 2010

Suprise Flowers from Broccoli

I love that Target sells vegetable starters. My foray into gardening has only yielded minimal results from seed planting. So I am heavily dependant on these seed starters. Plus at $1.25 a pot, it's worth it for me. They have lots of interesting plants like lettuce and rosemary. The variety is unpredictable. When they had broccoli starters, I got one. That thing stayed looking the same for months. I had no idea where to look for the florets when they popped out. One day, when all hope was lost (I had stopped watering all the plants when winter started because I got lazy), I walked by it and saw the florets. Instead of picking it, we left them on the plant because, hey, it was amazing! I've never seen broccoli grow before. A week or so later, it bloomed into these tiny yellow flowers. So adorable! Who knew broccoli could be a flower arrangement. Now I'm letting them all grow instead of eating it. I'm hoping we get seeds out of this too.

Surprises in nature is truly a fine thing! Join Amy every Friday and revel in the Fine Things life offers.

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  1. How fun! I tried to grow broccoli last summer... not knowing that it doesn't do well in heat. Oops!


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