Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Shopping 2.17.10

*Yesterday I chatted with a new friend- fellow AWANA mom. And she had her Iphone with her. I got to look at my blog on her phone. It was way cool! Anyway, thought I wanted to share that... one day I'd like to get one of those phones!

All in all, I spent $24, got $14 ECBs, $10 Target GC and will get $15 MIR. I really hoped to stay out of the stores this week. But Publix was having such a great sale. Then Winn-Dixie too. Then Target had 75% off Valentines already. I couldn't help myself!

At Wal-Mart, I spent around $12 (next two pictures). Land O Lakes is on rollback $3 but I had $2 off from their website. (Thanks Hip2Save!) Valentine's items are only 50% off. I also got some barmops 5pcs for $5.

The best part for this Wal-Mart trip was getting the above. I price-matched Hunts tomato sauce from Winn-Dixie for $0.29 and Premium saltines for $0.99. Publix had $1 off 4 blinkies for any Hunts. So only $0.4 each! For the saltines, I've been saving my $1 off Premium Qs (when you buy any canned soup or chili). So I bought Campbell's tomato and chicken noodle soups for $0.68 each. But all the saltines are FREE! All these items cost me $3.56 - coupons rock!

Target has Valentines items for 75% like clothes, baking stuff, Valentines cards ($0.69 for characters and $0.24 for the small animal cards). The candy is still 50% off except for Wonka and other Valentines candy kits, many of which are still 75%. See Spot items that have the red dot are 50% off, lots of Valentines items here but also for school and household products. Total for this Target trip was only around $5 but I used a $5 gift card, so FREE! I just paid tax. The downside is our Target had a meeting recently that would NOT allow us to coupons for trial sizes, even if the coupon has no size restrictions IF the coupon beeps. We also got FREE popcorn for the kids and small ICEE for $0.80 using a $0.50 off Target Q. (If your child stays buckled in the cart, ask the cashier for a dog sticker. Then present your child wearing the sticker to the cafe to get FREE popcorn.)

Hello all! Check out what I bought Weds at Publix: I paid $7.67 and saved $33. The sales and coupons I used were all from the Super Deals at IHP. For the wheat pasta I went to and was able to print 6 Qs.

At CVS, I paid $4 but got $14 ECBs. (I wrote $12 + 2 tax earlier, but I forgot to mention I used $12 ECBs for that!) Buying 2 Crest Toothpaste with 2 $75 Qs (from 2-7 PG) gives $1.50 money maker. The Covergirl items was another money maker. Use BOGO Q and the $2.50 off 2 from 2-7PG. It helped make tax FREE! The coupon match-ups for these deals are in my drugstore deals post.

I also finally turned in the rebate form for Olay. The deals are good at Target through Saturday. The links for all the match-ups and scenarios for other stores are here. I bought these Sunday and paid around $10, got $10 in Target Gift Cards and will get $15 for the Rebate!

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  1. Gotta love those money makers!!! I did the target deal too. Fantastic savings!


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