Friday, February 12, 2010

Card Games for $0.24!

I finally got these card games from Target yesterday. Thanks to Hip2Save for the info. You can also find these at Wal-Mart, Kmart and Walgreens (they might cost more). I went to two Target stores. At one store (by the mall), the ones with a $5 Coupon logo are on an end cap and priced $5.99. The plain ones are against the wall with other card games. Why two locations? It was like a Treasure Hunt!

All are priced $5.24 except for Sorry $6.99 (cheaper to get the one with the $5 coupon logo for $5.99) Combined with a $4 or $5 coupon, these are from $0.24-$1.99. You can get the coupon from this Sunday's USA Weekend (the print Qs are no longer available). Or, you can use the $5 coupon inside the package. As long as you're buying it, why not go ahead and use the coupon? They still have plenty at both stores and the coupon didn't beep! Yay! An easy buy!

I'm stocking up on these for next year's Christmas baskets at our Church Food Bank. These make perfect frugal stocking stuffers for the teens and pre-teens. My hubby is also excited because now we can have a game night date without resorting to playing chess or Candyland.

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