Saturday, January 16, 2010

Super Shopping 1-16-10

I started my shopping week with CVS. Lots of Bonus buy items are printing ECBs (CVS Qs) but they are not very good deals, unless you have an EBT card, which I did. So, I always try to leave extra money in there for food deals that will get me store coupons or gift cards I can use for non-food items like toilet paper. All this added up to $30. Then I got $13 ECBs back.

I also grabbed the GE Reveal for cheap with Qs and ECBs. Then I used up $10 ECBs for these 75% off Christmas items. Paid nothing out-of-pocket!

Hubby bought these at Walgreens instead of Wal-mart because of the RR deal for the bacon. Eggs were $0.99 and Thermacare is FREE after RRs.

For a 2nd Walgreens trip, I came away with $64 worth for only $3 + tax! Plus I'm submitting for the Johnson & Johnson $10 Rebate. So, this trip is a moneymaker!

Target, as I mentioned, had lots of toy and clothes clearance. But I did manage to find some grocery deals. The broccoli was only $0.79 each after $1 Target Q. And the OS Cranberry sauce is only $0.68 (doesn't expire til 2011!) The mushrooms were only $1.49 and were great in the beef & mushroom stew I made this week. Total was $5.70 for all.

I also did the Sobe $5 GC deal twice. So, for 20 Sobe, it was $20 plus $10 Target GC. (I paid with my EBT card, otherwise I wouldn't do this deal.) I used this GC to get a Barbie doll for FREE!

Of course, I couldn't help but go back for even more toys. And while there, bought some food to avoid going to Wal-Mart. I don't know about you, but I am just not in the mood to cook or grocery shop! Anyway, the prices at our Target are almost the same at Wal-Mart. The only Q I had was for Activia- $0.97 after a $1 Q.
Get inspired or share your savings stories: visit MSM, IHeartPublix, TTM, CSG. Since the holidays, I haven't really gone shopping but one time. Starting January, I was all set to join Money Saving Mom in the Pantry Challenge. I didn't get my stuff together, though. But in the spirit of the challenge, we've been eating mostly from the pantry.


  1. You sound like me. I didn't really join the challenge either, but this was my first really week of shopping this month. Great job!

  2. Come share your saving deals at The Savers Bungalow!


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