Saturday, January 16, 2010

Greer's Weekly Deals Jan 13-19

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Saturday and Sunday deals only:
$2.38/lb whole boneless beef ribeye (cut&wrap free)
$0.98/lb whole Boston butt pork roast
$0.88/lb split chicken fryer breast
$1.38/lb pork steaks or country style ribs
$1.50 Best Choice vegetable oil, 48 oz
$1 Dole Classic Iceberg

Weeklong Sales Through Tuesday
$1.68/lb ground beef, family pack
$2.38/lb beef shoulder roast
$1.88 boneless pork sirloin chops
$0.50/lb bananas
$0.50 green peppers
$1/lb granny smith apples
$1.98/lb tomatoes on the vine
$0.88 Hunt's Ketchup 24 oz bottle
$2.50 strawberries, 1lb
$1.68 Kraft American singles, 12 oz

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