Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winn Dixie Weekly Deals Dec 9 - Dec 15

Here are the best deals that I see:
BOGO Dole whole or sliced mushrooms, 8 oz, 2 for $2.09
BOGO 1lb baby cut carrots, 2 for $2.09
$0.99/lb large navel oranges
$0.99/lb apples

BOGO shoulder blade pork steaks or country style ribs, 2lbs for $3.29
$1.99/lb half spiral sliced ham, limit 2
$0.99/lb Butterball turkeys, limit 2
$0.99 smoked ham, shank portion, limit 2
$1.29/lb turkey breast

BOGO Eckrich (10 oz. original, maple or cheese, Smok-Y breakfast links or 16 oz. original or Polish or skinless smoked sausage- there's a $0.55 Q for the smoked sausage)
BOGO Hormel Cure 81 boneless ham: half, 1/4” sliced or brown sugar, 2lbs for $5.99
$1.79/lb Winn-Dixie whole SMOKED ham, ready to serve

$2.50 Florida Natural orange juice, 64 oz
$2.99 gallon WD orange juice
BOGO Sunny D, 48 oz smoothies or 64 oz citrus
$2.59 Southern Comfort eggnog

$1.50 WD canned biscuits or bagels- refrigerated
3 for $5 Pillsbury Grands!, cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls
4 for $6 Chex Cereal (must buy 4 to get deal, $1 off 2 Qs)
$4.99 Tyson nuggets, patties or tenders, 20.5-29 oz
$2.50 Kraft singles, 14.7 oz 2% or 16 oz yellow/white
$1 Breakstone's sour cream, 16 oz ($0.50 Q)
$1.50 Winn-Dixie cheese, blocks 8 oz, shreds 6-8oz
$2 Kraft salad dressing, 14-16 oz
BOGO Hidden Valley Ranch fat free or orig dip mix, 2 for $1.99

$1 Andes mints 4.6 oz or Queen Ann, other Christmas candy
3 for $1 Manishewitz milk chocolate gold coins
BOGO Premium saltine crackers, 2 for $3.19
BOGO Progresso Soup traditional, veg, rich & hearty, about 19 oz
*I found some Qs at WD: $ 1 off Q when you buy both any soup and crackers
$0.50 Campbells chicken noodle soup, 10.75 oz


  1. These are some good deals.. I like your publix posts better..I found this..
    I was shopping online yesterday trying to buy for my son a Super Mario Bros Game.. I stumbled upon a site called EZWINGAME...they are running a free contest this week for a free Nintendo... Wanted to know if anyone has heard of this site..and what they think...thanks


  2. I agree, Winn-Dixie is going down the pooper. It's been a long time since I've oohed and aahed at the deals they have.

    I haven't heard about the game site. Will have to check it out.


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