Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Greer's Weekly Deals Dec 9-Dec 15

Here are the best deals I see this week:

$1.68/lb ground beef
$4.50 Sanderson Farms leg quarters, 8lb bag
$1.50 Dole Classic Iceberg or coleslaw, 12-14 oz
$2 Dairy Fresh Egg Nog, 32 oz
$1.50 Martha White flour, 5 lb
$1.67 Best Choice sugar, 4lb (store brand)
$2.50 California navel oranges, 4lb
$3 Russett potatoes, 3lb
$0.50 Best Choice 15oz can veggies: cut/French style green beans, sweet peas, whole kernel or cream style corn
$2.99 12-pack Pepsi cans

Saturday and Sunday only sale:
$0.98/lb porkchops, family pack
$5 whole chicken fryer- 2pack
$2.88/lb whole ribeye, cut & wrapped free
$0.98/lb Jamestown shank portion ham
$1.08/lb Jamestown butt portion ham
$1.18/lb Fieldstone whole smoked ham, small 16-19 lbs
$1.49/lb Carolina Pride smoked ham, shank or butt
$1.88/lb John Morell spiral sliced ham, half and smoked
$2.99/lb Kretchmar half boneless Bavarian ham
$2.99/lb John Morrell EZ Cut Whole Ham
$1.69/lb duck, mature, frozen

$1 Best Choice block cheese, 8oz
$2.50 red delicious or gala apples, 3 lbs

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