Monday, December 7, 2009

CVS Shopping 12-7-09

I listed highlights but you see more deals I posted earlier or at MSM.

The total was $56.21. I used $8.50 Qs, $5 off $30 CVS Q, & $40.45 ECBs. Final cost: $2.26+tax, plus $38.47 ECBs back!

Monday night, all Merry Brite Hats and ornaments are sold out at my store! But I got a rain check and they may get more in next week. Last year I was able to get the ornaments on 75% off so I'm being optimistic that I can get them FREE this year!

Heads up! There's a $2 peel-off coupon on Zantac 150. It covers the whole box and is hard to spot without the small red $2 off banner on top. Hubs is still amazed at how I can spot these coupons!

$8.99 Zantac 150
-$2 peelie
Pay $6.99, Get $8.99 ECBs, make $2!

Don't forget to scan your CVS card in the price scanner. I got a $2 off $10 CVS brand coupon. Both nuts and lotions are CVS brands (Essence of Beauty and Gold Emblem).

$4.99 x 2 Essence of Beauty Lotions (or other products)
$0.79 Gold Emblem Cashews
-$2 off $10 CVS brand
Pay $8.77, Get $8 ECBs from lotions

We got this new train set at Publix last week for $37 + tax. Sale price is $50. I used $5 off $30 from the new 9th Ave Publix, $3 off in Winter Savings booklet, and $5 Walgreens RRs. It's a beautiful train but battery-operated not electric. So it's great that CVS is having another Energizer sale. Now we're set!

$5.99 x 3 Energizer (from $8)
-$1 x 3 Manuf Qs
Pay $14.97, Get $5 ECBs

I used up all my ECBs a few weeks ago and decided to reign in the CVS spending by getting $50 CVS e-gift card. They also had a promo where you get an extra $5 e-gift card for any $25 card purchased. Then I would only use these cards and see how far I could go. Apparently, not far at all, more like one shopping trip! But I got $50+ ECBs back that same trip. So now I locked myself into having too many ECBs to rollover every month. Eeek! Hence, the Zantac and most of the items I bought. I still only paid $4.39 out-of-pocket today for all of these products. Which is great, if I was planning to open my own drugstore or something. So lesson learned: stick with small transactions!

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