Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super Shopping Walgreens 11-23-09

This is what I bought in one transaction:
2 Theraflu
2 Triaminic
Almay One Coat Mascara (double pack)
Riccola Mixes Berry Cough Drops
4 Coffeemate
2 Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup
6 Hunt's Tomato Sauce
3 Lubriderm
4 3 Musketeers Candy Bars
2 Kleenex
1 Jordana Lip Liner
Total Cost: $21.90 (saved $69 or 76%!)
Got $19 RRs back (only $2.90 after RRs)

These are the coupon matches and transaction breakdown:
(MQ= Manufactrer coupon; Wags= Walgeens; HSB= Health Savings Booklet found by weekly ads; DY= Diabetes & You Magazine by pharmacy; NOV= November booklet-- also note that you do not have to give up your Walgreens coupon or get multiples. The cashier just scans it and it automatically takes off the number of coupons per number of items bought.)

The Walgreens $5 off $25 I used at the end after all the coupons and before tax. My total came out to $26 and the coupon still didn't work. So I grabbed a $1 lipliner and it worked fine. It helps to check out at the cosmetics counter because my cashier was patient with me and all my coupons (I had at least one for every item bought!) and she waited for me to get my filler items. So, get to know your cosmetics counter cashiers because they are part of your money-saving team!

Theraflu: Buy 2 for $10, Get $3RR
Use two $1.50 MQ Theraflu (blinkie next to it)
Use two $2 Wags Theraflu Q (HSB)
=$3, Get $3 RR; FREE after RR

Triaminic: Buy 2 for $10, Get $5RR
Use two $1.50 MQ Triaminic PRINT
Use two $2 Wags Triaminic Q (HSB)
=$3, Get $5 RR; FREE + $2 overage after RR

Almay One Coat, $6.99 (Bonus packs also work!)
Use $4 off Wags Almay Q (NOV)
=$2.99 or $1.50 each!

Lubriderm: Buy any 3, Get $8 RR
Mine was $3.79 each
Use $2 MQ off 1 from paper
Use three $1 off (DY)
=$6.37, Got $8 RR; FREE + $1.63 overage after RR
If you only had $1 DY coupon, 3 lotion would be $0.87. So every $2 MQ used will give you overage!

Kleenex: $0.89 w/ in-ad Q (limit 3)
Buy 2
Use two $0.75 MQ PRINT
=$0.28 or $0.14 each
Thanks Hip2Save!

Coffeemate, BOGO 2/$2.49
Buy 4 (my store only had Hazelnut!)
Use four $1 Coffeemate PRINT (register first) or HERE (don't need to register)
(For every encouraging note to sent, they donate $0.50 to Dress for Success. Plus you get $1 off Q. Hit the back button twice to get two Qs!)
=$0.96 or $0.24 each!

Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup
Buy 2, $0.59 each w/ in-ad Q
Use $0.50 for 2 Tomato Soup
=$0.68 or $0.34 each

Hunt's Tomato Sauce, $0.39 w/ in-ad Q
Buy 6 (my cashier let me get more than limit of 4)
Use 2 $1/3 Play Recession game to PRINT Q
=$0.34 or $0.06 each
Thanks Jamie!

Nabisco Crackers: Buy 5 for $10, Get $3 RR
Use one $1 MQ Nabisco from newspaper
Use two $1/2 MQ Nabisco Print ?
Use two $1/2 Wags Q (DY)
=$5, Got $3 RR; only $0.20 each after RR

Riccola Berry Mixes
Use in-ad Q (makes it $0.99)
Use $0.50 MQ Riccola (HSB)
=$0.50, Get $1 RR; FREE + $0.50 overage after RR
(mine did not print though)

Reynold's Wrap, $0.99 w/ in-ad Q

3 Musketeer's, $0.49 w/ in-ad Q
Use two $0.55/2 MQ (from Winn-Dixie blinkie)
Use two BOGO Q from paper 11-8?
=FREE + $0.12 overage (I could only use one $0.55/2; so $0.11 each)

$5 off $25 Wags Q (no longer valid. But all these deals are still good through Saturday!)

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