Monday, November 23, 2009

Publix Deals and Shopping

These Publix Deals will run through WEDS since Publix is closed Thursday. The new weekly ad comes out on Friday. But you can go here to see the sneak peak.

UPDATE: I did make a second trip today and got through the checklist below! I added more deals and pictures at the end of this post too. Total was $12, saved $26.50 or about 70%.

Plus I picked up more Craisins for $0.15 each and spices for $0.50 each. Not pictured are four 12-roll Charmin at $6.49 each. (Total was $21.29, saved $17.21 or 45%). I used a $5 off $25 Walgreens coupon (good through today) and gave one to the lady in front of me buying Gerber baby food. I don't miss those expensive baby-shopping days!

This trip only took 18 minutes to get in and get through the checkout! All in all I paid $17. But I have a few things that need to get fixed. Like the Dole (BOGO 2/$1.57) which has $0.50 Print Qs that I forgot to bring with me. And the Rachel Ray Mag and cheese deal where I couldn't use the Publix coupon. Otherwise all these items are less than $0.30 each except for the cereal ($1.25 each) and Jimmy Dean Sausage (pure impulse buy $2 using $0.55 peelie).

I'm going back tomorrow to:
1. Beg them to let me use the Rachel Ray mag Publix Q. (I got $3.75 back!)
2. Fix the Dole coupon.
($1 back!)
3. Use the Walgreens $5 off $25 Q to stock-up on Charmin toilet paper ($6.49 for 12-big roll). Most Pensacola Publix will take Walgreens coupons as competitor coupons. BUT this $5 off $25 must be AFTER all other coupons. So I'm getting toilet paper because that never has a high-value coupon and next to stocking up on diapers, it's the one thing you wouldn't ever want to run out of.
(Bought 4 for $21.50. Will not have to buy toilet paper for months!)

Apples & Eve Organics 3pk, 3/$4
Buy 2
Use $1/2 from Greenwise Fall 2009, page 6
Use two $1 off 1 from Winter Family Savings, (after the middle of the booklet)
=FREE + $0.33 overage

Rondele cheese, BOGO 2/$4.09
Use two $1 Q from 11-15 RP
Use $3.75 off Everyday Mag
Use $3.75 off Everyday Mag PUBLIX Q (Winter Savings Booklet)
FREE + $1.42 overage

Sorrento Riccota Cheese, 2 for $5
Use two $1 Q from 11-15 RP and the magazine Qs above
FREE + $0.42 overage

*My store would not let me stack both $3.75 Qs but I'll try with a manager tomorrow. There are reports of stores letting you do this. So check with your store first!)

These deals were just great!
BOGO Cool Whip, 2/$2.07
Use two $0.50 here
=$1.07 or $0.54 each

BOGO Craisins, 2/$2.29
Use two $1 Peelies from Ocean Spray 100% Juice (Target & Walgreens)
=$0.29 or $0.15 each

BOGO I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, 2/$2.99
Use two $0.75 Target print
Use two $0.75 print or blinkies next to product
* Some stores do not take Target coupons as competitor coupons like Orange Beach. And don't do like I did: accidentally printed on top of the Target coupon so wasted that coupon... trying to save paper by printing on both sides works only if you're paying attention.

Philly Cheese, $1.29
Use $1 Q here or Winter Savings Booklet

Dole, BOGO $1.75
Use two $0.50 Q here
=$.38 each
=$0.57 or $0.28 each

Breakstone Sour Cream, $0.99
Use $1 off 2 Q from 11-15 RP
=$0.50 each

What holiday would be complete without Chex Mix!
BOGO GM Cereal, 2/$3.49: Chex & kid cereals
Use $1/2 from 11-15?
=$2.49 or $1.25 each

Sargento Shredded Cheese, 5-8 oz, 3/$5
I used three $0.55 MQ (blinkie next to product)
=$1.12 each

I could not resist this deal (beef sausage included!)
Echrick loop sausage, $2
Used two $0.50 MQ from 11-15?
=$1.50 each!

Check out I Heart Publix for even more deals and coupon match-ups!

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