Friday, October 30, 2009

Super Shopping Around Town

For family fun, we stopped at Chuck-e-Cheese to redeem my son's FREE 20 Birthday tokens and 20 FREE Halloween tokens. I think you have to sign-up, but the Halloween coupon is good through Nov. 1. We had the BEST time there. They open at 9am and we went in at 9:06am. No one was there and our kids got to just run around and not have to wait their turn. Then hubs totally rocked with the basketball game, making an all-time store record of 203! Baby girl even got lots of tickets from Battleship. Early mornings on weekdays is the best time to go!
Payless has 50% off ANY shoes today for the Oprah Show viewers. We stopped by the mall to get $2 Costumes at Old Navy but left disappointed. That frown turned quickly to a smile for right across from Old Navy at Cordova is Payless! We bought shoes for the entire family (two for Mommy- how nice!) for $53 for 5 pairs. The last time I bought new shoes was before 2000! It was a real treat buying these for about $10 a pair!

Next to Old Navy was Victoria's Secret. I had a long-awaited bra fitting. I've been wearing the wrong size all these years. Blame it on having kids! Since I signed-up for Pink Nation, I was able to print a coupon for $10 off any bra. Plus I used a Q for FREE lip gloss w/ bra fitting. It only cost $15 for my bra and lipgloss. A savings of $17!

Walgreens had a few irresistible deals:
Brita pitcher for $8.49
-$5 Coupon
-$3 RR printed
$0.49! Just like Hip to Save reported!

I also bought 2 contact paper rolls for $0.87 each, $0.75 deck of cards for Low Vision challenged (that's what it says on there) and a box of gloves for $5. We use these disposables for cleaning the toilet, behind the faucet, gardening and such. The Stacy's Pitas were $1 each after Q & RR. I also bought two 1Minute Quaker Oats for $1.70. But it didn't print the $5 RR. So I might return it since I can get it cheaper at Wal-Mart. I need to just leave a box in the car for returns when I can't take care of the problem right then.

The monthly RRs are still working: Vaseline and Dentek printed RRs to make them FREE! I'll roll these RRs at Publix to buy All Small & Mighty ($2.99 sale). With the RRs I can get at least 5 bottles free.

Some No-Gos:
Old Navy opened with a line of at least 40 people waiting to get in. The 1st 50 got a nice Reusable bag and 50% off. The catch was that you had to show your Old Navy card or sign-up for one. So they wouldn't let us have a bag. Bummer. There's no way I would get another card for a long, long, time.

Only a few costumes were left and all were winter-wear, like fuzzy fleece butterfly. There were Halloween T-shirts, socks, etc for $2.

Bath and Body Works also has a FREE Pocketbac with purchase. But it was so small and the gift bag too (purchase can be as little as a $1 item) so I just gave my coupons away to a lady.

Publix has this $4 off 4 GM or Nature Valley items In-Ad Q. But it appears to be only for the GM Cereal and granola on sale. Unlike our blogger friends in GA, we are not getting that deal- I even called corporate's marketing dept! Now they are passing me off to the District Manager. We'll see, the deal end Tuesday so I still have time.

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