Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Super Shopping at Target

First of all, let me tell you how happy I am with Target today. On a few occassions, I've had a very negative experience there. But today must have been a divine appointment because I made two great trips. To avoid previous problems, I tried two deals in the morning on two separate transactions to make sure everything was working fine. I also found that giving the cashier the Target coupons first then the manufacturer's eliminates a lot of confusion. This picture shows the food I bought. I also bought the All-Natural whole chicken they sell on clearance for $2.50 (regular $4.99) I paid $54.36 and saved $83.66. (It's really even more savings since I bought cheese and cereal on clearance.) But wait, I also got $15 in Gift Cards and will get up to $15.48 in mail-in-rebates. This will bring my total to $23.88, or 78% savings!

When I first stopped by Target in the morning, I brought a flier from Save-A-Lot with me. They have 3lbs for $1 bananas (Dole brand). I was going to price-match them at Target because I am in desperate need of potassium. (This is my own theory but may not be the sole cause of my feeling off-kilter lately). Well, I do believe Someone upstairs hear the desires of our heart and often grants our wishes. Because, lo and behold! these overripe bananas were $0.75 for 3 lbs. Plus my Save-A-Lot would not have saved me becausee Target carries Chiquita bananas (not Dole). I bought two and went home to get $0.50 off bananas Target Q. So I ended up paying only $3.50 for 30 lbs of bananas!
So 2 bags were $1.50 from the morning trip
8 bags were $2 ( I used 8 -$0.50 off Qs)


I paid $0.32 for 4 items using these coupons:
FREE Scented Oil Refill from Redplum, type zipcode 23225 if you can't see it.
Inside the tin can, there is a $1.50 off coupon.

Sometimes it seems silly to hold on to coupons you may never use. But if you can get even just slightly organized, it will pay off having coupons you've saved for things that go on clearance now. Like these Kellogg's All-Bran Cereal. I paid $4.42 for 4 boxes of cereal & 2 Activa yogurt w/ these Qs: for $1.50 off 2 Kellogg's
I also had two $1 off internet Q (no longer available)
I had two Buy 2 All-Bran, get FREE Activa (from Winn-Dixie tearpad Q)

Plus, I have a rebate form for All-bran. This was a peel-off form on the box I got from Publix, also a while back. So, I should get $1.98 back (or $3.96 if I find another peel-off form on the box, since you are allowed two per household, using 2 forms).

I bought these all in one transaction to do the Kellogg's Fuel For School Rebate (Get $10 back by mail). Well, I am not the most organized person (not by far). And I lost my receipt the first time I set out to do the deal. But alas, God is gracious enough to give me a do-over. And this time, I am sending everything out tonight!
I paid $15.12 (w/coupons) for everything here. Plus:
A $5 Target Gift Card
2 gallons of milk FREE *
Coffee for $1.44 instead of $3.44*
and will get a $10 Rebate check in 6 weeks!
*scroll below to see deals further explained

A short recap of the rebate details:
-All items must be bought in one transaction like I did.
-They need original cash receipt with prices circled.
-All the UPC codes cut out

Go to and use these Special K coupons:
-$1 off Special K crakers
-$1 off 2 Special K bars
-$1 off Special K Blueberry cereal
-$1 off Special K Chocolatey Bars
You can print 3 per page and can print them twice.
Don't forget you can stack these with the Target Q for $0.50 off Kelloggs snacks from Hot Coupon World.
If you have not done yours, you have until Sept 30 to shop. But buy it now at Target while they have all these nice Kellogg's deals.
Buy 4 Special K items, Get $5 Gift Card. You can get Special K Crackers, Bars and Cereal

Buy 4 Special K bars
Use two $1 off 2 bars here
Use four $0.50 off 1 bar here
Pay $5.56 first, then get $5 Gift Card!

Buy 2 Nutrigrain Cereal, Get FREE Milk.
I only used the Target $0.50 Q. But if you are more adventurous and have the Sunday Ad for Dollar General, go to the customer service desk and price-match their ad for $2 for 8-count Nutrigrain like in this scenario:

1 Milk & 2 Nutrigrain for $2 Price-Matched
-two $0.50 Target Q
-FREE Milk (takes off discount at register)
Pay $3 for everything!
See the Market Pantry Coffee? It was $3.44 but I paid $1.44 using the $2 off coupon. (If you buy 2 Nutrigrain, you get $2 of store-brand coffee.) I found it in that "$104 Savings Inside" booklet. They still have a bunch of these booklets at Winn-Dixie. It also has the rebate form for Fuel for School.

Lastly, some Special K boxes, like the Blueberry Cereal, say FREE workout DVD. You don't need receipts or UPC codes. (So you can still use these for the Fuel for School Rebate.) The box will have a stamp that you cut out and collect 5. Then, cut out a form printed on the inside of the box and send in for the FREE DVD.

Since I got $15 in Gift Cards today, I had some money to burn on some fun things for the kids. After coupons, my total was $8 plus tax. But I paid nothing (YAY!) because I used the Gift Cards.

It is worth mentioning that Target has great $1 homeschooling items at the $1 Spot section like this graph paper I bought. Plus they have phonics and math workbooks, maps, science charts, and more!

Two movies for $10 is a great price. But make it sweeter with two $2 coupons from here. Just print twice. Thanks Hip to Save!

Connect 4 was one of my favorite games when I was little. I'm glad I to find these at the Luggage section (endcap). This costs $4.99 but use the $4 coupon here. I first learned about this deal from this post. I looked for it at Kmart, Wal-Mart, and at the toy section at Target but just now found them.

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