Friday, September 4, 2009

Shopping Tip: Chew Gum at Checkout

I was reading this guest post at MSM titled Five Strategies for Shopping Success. And she mentions bringing snacks. That is so true! It could save you so much money from NOT impulse buying.
This post made me think of what I do to make my shopping successful. One important thing is that I chew gum at checkout. Weird, but it keeps me relaxed. When I hand over my coupons, I get nervous that something will go wrong. Or that I will forget something. Or that she won't let me have overage. (Walgreens is notorious for this!) And every time I've gone to checkout while chewing gum I haven't felt nervous. Plus it keeps me from getting the munchies for all those candy bars by the registers. And Mentos is my favorite. But I wait for what's on sale at CVS and buy it nearly for free. Try it. It might work for you!

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