Monday, September 21, 2009

Greer's Deals Sept 16-22

Remember that Target now price-matches brand name items. Wal-Mart can price-match this too and store brands and most produce and meats.

Greer's has good deals on meats and produce. If you can make it to their store, they also can slice and grind your meats. (They have a butcher!)

$1.68/lb ground beef, family pack
$1.98/lb boneless shoulder roast, family pack
$1.28/lb seedless red or green grapes
3lbs for $1 cabbage
$0.79 Golden Bake Buns (price-match w/ Great Value)
$0.98/lb peaches
$1.50/3lbs yello onions
$2 Zeigler bacon, lykes ham or turkey
$2.50 Dairy Fresh Orange juice, gallon match w/ Great Value)

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