Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FREE YoplaitYo-Plus

Here is a random fact about our family:
My husband used to work for Comcast (a cable company). They had a promotion to get as many addresses of satellite dish users. You didn't need to sign-up them up, Comcast just wanted their address so they could send them marketing materials to get them to switch to cable. We would spend an hour three times a week driving around the city getting addresses. Comcast gave my husband $5 per eligible address. Once, we drove through the projects right next to the prison. I think that was the fastest I ever wrote in a moving vehicle!

Now here is an easier way Yoplait is getting customers to switch to their yogurt (it involves no driving either!):
Are you a Dannon Activia fan? We are. Next time you purchase Dannon Activia, Yoplait wants you to send them the Activia UPC code and your receipt. Send this form too. They want you to switch to Yo Plus. They will send you a coupon for FREE Yo Plus!
You can also print a $1 coupon from the same page or here.

When you get your coupon, make sure you buy the Yo Plus with the pink lids. These are eligible for Save Lids to Save Lives. So you'll be able to donate $0.10 per lid or $0.40 total from something that cost you $0! That is real frugality at work.

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