Monday, August 17, 2009

California Love

*I'll upload pictures later!*

Some of you may have noticed my l-o-n-g absence on the blogging scene. We were away on vacation for 8 days in California. This was the first of many firsts for my kids: first family vacation, first airplane trip, first time in California, first Disneyland visit, first Filipino restaurant meal and first time vegging in front of the t.v. for hours. I think that last part was their favorite. They asked each morning if their dad and I were going on a date so they could stay home with Lola (their Grandma). And for the first time since they were born I let go of what they ate and did for 8 days. Most days I saw them munching on blueberries and cherries on the couch after downing pretzel sticks and goldfish crackers. I tried to get them to eat off the couch in vain. Then after a few days I would just cringe and walk away. My mom did not mind and it was her couch after all! To be spoiled, such is the life of grandchildren.

Although I would have preferred that my children experienced California, I'd be hard pressed to get a 4 and 6 year old to appreciate the beauty of the mountains or all the nice luxury cars on the freeway. The most WOW factor went to watching cable t.v. in their room during bedtime. Second would be to Lolo's cool car (their Grandpa) and 3rd maybe to shopping at Target and getting cool toys. Of course these were all things we could have done at home but never would be special unless grandparents were involved.

The best part of our trip for me was hanging out with my hubby without kids hanging on me: we stayed overnight at Monterey; we drove 90 miles of Big Sur (which I will NEVER do again); and we met the best martial artists in the world, including a former student of Bruce Lee. Only my husband was supposed to go to California to attend a two-day Eskrima seminar. But thanks to all the money we have saved from being frugal, we all got to go! It's true, frugality pays high dividends!

Tired as I was everyday with zipping here and there, I felt rested from my mothering responsibilities. I was sorely in need of refreshment. And I think the kids needed a break from me too. We did not see as much as we could have but we accomplished a lot in what a vacation is really supposed to be about: rest, relaxation, adventure, and family bonding. And yes, I would come back to California in a heartbeat!

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