Monday, July 20, 2009

Wal-Mart Super Shopping July 20

Sunday, I just had to stop at Wal-Mart to buy staples. Most of what we have been eating are from the stockpile. Usually when I shop, I buy what is on sale and stock-up. So over time we have run out of regular items that often do not go on sale like rice or soy sauce. I only had $6 worth of coupons so that transaction went a little faster than normal.

But before I could rejoice on the ease of this trip, I realized that the cashier did not give me back 3 of my reusable bags. We were already home, so back to Wal-Mart we went. This must have been God-ordained since before leaving the first time I saw a coupon booklet sitting on an unattended register in plain sight. When I came in the store to look for the cashier, she had already left. The bags were in the custody of Customer Service. As I headed over there, I found that coupon booklet and took it there with me. "Hey," I said to the customer service rep, "someone must have pulled these coupons out of the paper." She shrugged her shoulders (as only someone who doesn't clip coupons could!) and said I could have it if I wanted. Great hallelujah! That was my hope all along.

All in all, the total before price-matches and coupons was $78.55. I saved $23.85 (30% savings!)and only spent $54.70. That is half of my $100/week budget for our family of 4. But with my menu plan in place, we should survive just fine this week.

Here are some items of note that I bought:
3 packs of salmon, $2.99/lb- price-match at Food World
$2.97 seedless watermelon- cheaper than anywhere
six $1 Activa and Danimals- price-match at Target for $2
*then I used 6- $1 coupons from Publix coupon booklets
5lb split chicken breast- $0.98/lb Wal-Mart price
*Blue Angel does not carry this often and this is a great price!
$2 box of couscous- where they have Jewish or Middle Eastern foods
$1.57 Great Value brown rice- the only store brand version I've seen

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