Monday, July 20, 2009

CVS Super Shopping 7/19

Sundays before church I stop by CVS for a 15-minute shopping trip, well, that is the goal anyway. The store at Innerarity Point was well stocked except for the 24 ct pencils and binders. And the manager let me substitute Avery Binders for the ones that were on sale. I love her!

These items were purchased:
2 memo pad
2 filler paper
2 binders, 1"
1 CVS pantiliner
1 newspaper

Total cost: $16.35
Paid using $16.95 ECBs
Total Out-of-Pocket: $0 (no Tax!)
ECBs received: $14.85

If you can make it to CVS before Wednesday, these school supplies will still be on sale and lots, like above, are FREE!

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