Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wal-Mart Price Match July 22 - July 28

I've listed the best deals from other stores that you can price-match at Wal-Mart. I price-match to avoid driving all over the place by buying it all at Wal-Mart. You can price match items from any printed ad, grocery, drug or department stores (except Big Lots), as long as there is an actual price listed per item (not BOGO or % off sales). Learn more about price-matching from
this post I wrote. If there any Wal-Mart rollback items that is just a great sale I will add it here too.

Store abbreviations: FW (Food World), G (Greer's), B (Barnes), WD (Winn-Dixie), Wal (Wal-Mart), PUB (Publix). Click on the store name to view other deals not listed here.

You can PRINT this form and take it to Wal-Mart with you. And each cashier is supposed to have a copy of the Weekly Ads if you didn't bring yours.

This week Food World and Greer's have great prices on meats while Publix has plenty of tropical fruit on sale. These prices were not BOGO so they can be price-matched at Wal-Mart!

FW $0.99/lb Split chicken breast (Stock-up!)
FW $2.99/lb wild salmon, previously frozen
(stock-up, price may still be the same next week)
FW $1.79 Angus beef shoulder roast (stock-up!)
PUB $4.99/lb medium cooked shrimp
FW $3.99 Land O Frost Premium lunch meat 1 lb ($0.55 Q 5-13 RP)
B $1.49/lb Boston Butt Pork Roast (stock-up!)
G S1/lb Pork Chops, family pack (stock-up!)
G $1.88/lb boneless beef shoulder roast family pack (stock-up!)
G $1/lb Carolina Pride smoked shank ham portion (may not match because of brand name)
G $1.19/lb Carolina Pride Butt Ham Portion (")
G $1.19/lb country style pork ribs family pack (great buy)
G $2/lb boneless shoulder steaks family pack (stock-up!)

FW $0.88/lb peaches (stock-up!)
FW $1.99 whole or sliced baby portablella 8oz
FW $1.29 carrots, bunch with tops
FW $1.99 yellow onions 3lb bag (great buy)
G $1.50 Russet potatoes, 5lb bag (great buy)
G $1.49/lb white seedless grapes
WD 3/$5 Strawberries 1lb package
WD $1.50 Cantaloupe each
WD $1.99/lb red cherries
WD $3/lb Rainier cherries
WD $2.29 yellow onions, 3lb bag
WD $0.99 Dole classic lettuce or cole slaw
PUB $2.50 Fresh Express Salads ($1 Q in Publix SSS)
B $0.50 Green Onions
B $1.50 White button mushrooms 8oz
B $1.50 Broccoli bunch
B 3lbs/$1 Cabbage
PUB $0.49/lb bananas
PUB $0.99/lb Mardol papaya
PUB $0.25 each kiwi fruit
PUB $0.25 Saturn peaches
PUB $1.99/lb red cherries
PUB $0.50 cucumbers

B $2 Wesson Oil 48 oz
B $2 Domino's 4lb bag sugar

WD 3/$5 Winn-Dixie cheese 6-8 oz block
G $1.50 Best Choice, 8 oz shreds
WD $4.99 8-pk Gatorade (-$1 Q from this week's Publix ad)
WD $2 Kraft Cheese 5-8 oz shreds, cubes, crumbles (including Kraft Naturals!)
WD $2.50 Yoplait Fiber One, kids yogurt drinks, Go-Gurt (use $1 Fiber One Q, $0.55/2 Go-Gurt Q)
WD 3/$5 Intl Delight Coffee Creamer 16 oz
B $2.50 Tropicana OJ 59-64 oz
B 3/$5 Kraft Bagelfuls
B $2 Dannon DanActive or Activa ($1 Q from Publix or paper)
B $0.50 each Dannon Yogurt 6oz cup
B 3/$5 Crystal Farms block or shreds 8oz (match w/ Great Value)

PUB 3/$5 Mott's Apple Sauce
FW $1.99 Kellogg's Cereal (18 oz Cornflakes or frosted mini-wheats, 20 oz Raisin Bran or 12 oz Rice Krispies)
PUB $4 Hormel Cooked Mal Entrees ($1.50 Q inside some packages)
PUB $1 Edy's ice cream, 1 pint
B 3/$5 Wishbone Italian or Ranch Dressing 24 oz bottle
B $0.50 Van Camps Beans 15 oz
B $1.50 Quaker Instant Grits 12 oz
B $1.50 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce
B $1 Coca -Cola 2L products
G $0.10 each Kool-Aid pouch

Toiletries and Detergent:
PUB $6.49 Charmin 6pk mega roll or 12 pk big rolls
PUB $1.25 Dial liquid hand soap 7.5-11.25 oz
PUB $4.99 Lubriderm lotion 13.5-16 oz
B $2.50 Windex 26-32 oz or Shout 22-30 oz
WD $2.50 Purex detergents, powder 44 load, 24-32 2X liquid
WD $5.50 Bounce dryer sheets, 100-120 count
WD $5.50 Downy fabric softener 41-51 oz
WD $2.50 Windex or Fantastik

Save this Week's Winn-Dixie ad! They have locked-in low prices good until October 7. These sales may not be advertised in the next weekly ads so you will need to keep this week's for proof of sale prices!


  1. I live in a small town and our Wal-mart will only price match a store within 15 miles. Besides Kroger they are all we have. :-(

  2. I don't really understand Wal-Mart's policy. Some towns they price-match stores up to 100 miles away. And in your case they should do the same since your town is small.

    We don't have Kroger... so no coupon doubles. Doesn't compare I know but it's something!


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