Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ultimate Recipe Swap-Salad

Today is Ultimate Recipe Swap at Life As Mom. And the dish featured is Salad! Here is a recipe I would like to share: Frugal Pasta Salad. Visit to get other great salad ideas!

Pasta salad at it's most basic form needs only a few ingredients to be a great side dish. It can also transform leftover night into something more exciting. Use leftover meats including breakfast fare like boiled eggs and sausage links. Also, reserve a few pieces of raw veggies like a half of tomato from sandwiches or a few branches of broccoli from that stir-fry. This will build a great salad by the end of the week. Doesn't this reminds you of stone soup?

Frugal Pasta Salad- Only $3!
half a box of pasta, cooked ($0.50)
2 tomatoes, diced ($1)
1 cucumber, peeled and diced ($0.50)
1 lb cooked meat ($1)
favorite salad dressing (free Kraft dressing!)

Just combine the ingredients and you are ready to serve!

Any shape pasta can be used (not noodles), just cook al dente. Sometimes I make enough pasta for salad and another dish like mac n' cheese. Although lettuce would be great, using wheat pasta lets me sneak in some fiber and protein. I buy tomatoes on sale at $1/lb and cucumbers for $0.50 each. For meat, I usually use leftovers from the freezer or stir-fry. I like ham and marinated chicken the best. Dressing can be expensive but there are lots of homemade versions. My mother-in-law sometimes takes ketchup and vinegar mixed together for faux catalina dressing. How frugal is that!

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