Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shopping Gameplan July 22

The struggle I have with participating in the All You Grocery Challenge is not so much the budget restriction. Rather it's the fact that someone is giving me a budget! So to keep myself in line, I am posting my shopping plan based on this week's sales. Scroll down the blog to see what the deals are. I don't think we need much since we just shopped at Wal-Mart on Sunday.

Here is my shopping gameplan for this week:

FW $0.99/lb Split chicken breast (2 pkg)
FW $2.99/lb wild salmon (1 pkg)
G $1/lb Pork Chops, family pack (1 pkg)

FW $0.88/lb peaches (3lbs)
FW $1.99 yellow onions 3lb bag (1 bag)
G $1.50 Russet potatoes, 5lb bag (1 bag)
B $1.50 White button mushrooms 8oz (1 pkg)
PUB $0.49/lb bananas (2 lb)
PUB $0.99/lb Mardol papaya (smallest possible)
PUB $0.25 each kiwi fruit (2)

1pkg Tortillas at the Thrift Bread Store
2 gal water at Winn-Dixie ($0.30 each for Glacier Refill!)

My estimate is $24. I would price-match most items at Wal-Mart. The chicken breast and salmon have to wait until next week since I get another $100 budget starting Sunday. It turns out Wal-Mart carries farm raised and not wild so hubby will make this trip to Food World after work.

Hmmm. Now that I have my top picks for meats and vegs I think I feel a menu plan coming on. So I might post this well in advance. This must be the break I've been waiting for. With my son and I being sick and then my daughter too, I've been getting more sleep and quiet. Also more blogging time since I can't really do nor do I want to do anything else!

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