Monday, July 6, 2009

Publix Shopping Plan 7/6

After I called Publix and found out they accept Rite Aid, CVS and also Walgreens store coupon, guess where I am going this week! My friend is having a baby anytime now and I just saw a box of Pampers is on sale for $19.99. Now I know Wal-Mart is probably cheaper but I can't use competitor coupons there!

So here is my shopping plan:
$19.99 box of Pampers diapers
$11 two California Kitchen Pizza
$8 two DiGorno Pizza
$6 Pork Steak ($1.99/lb)
$3? KC Masterpiece BBQ
$6.99 Kingsford Charcoal
Subtotal: $55

These are the coupons I'll use:
$5 off $50 Publix
$5 off $25 Rite Aid
$2 off Pampers from 7/5 PG
2x $2 off Cali Pizza
2x $1 off DiGorno
$6 off pork steak here

$2 off KC Mast. BBQ
$11 Walgreens RRs
$18 CVS ECBs

Total OOP: $0!

I plan to use the EBT card before any RRs or ECBs. This way, the food purchase would be covered by the EBT card. Whatever is leftover will be paid with RRs and ECBs. I also plan to buy Listerine products since there is a $2 manufacturer's coupon that can be stacked with a $2 Publix coupon. If you want to know what else is a great bargain at Publix, read my post. To see what the Advantage Flyers have on sale and the coupons they have, go to I Heart Publix and click on the Adv Buy Flyers tab at the top.

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