Saturday, July 25, 2009

Frugal Friday - an Online Storytime

My kids have been enjoying storytime at the Library for a few years now. But this summer it has been outdoors and the yucky FL weather has kept us mostly inside in a weird hibernation. (The FL heat gives me cabin fever but it's so much worse because you can't even enjoy a hot cocoa!)

So I like to let them watch Storyline Online by the Screen Actors Guild. I don't remember how I came upon the link but it' now a bookmarked favorite! They have many books read by actors young and old. For example James Earl Jones reads How to Be a Drum. And our favorite, Stellaluna, read by Pamela Reed. The website loads up easily and you can view it in a full screen too. I have even picked up a couple of storytelling lessons to improve my own skills!
*Please note, these pictures are from Amazon, so nothing happens if you click on the picture here.

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