Sunday, July 12, 2009

CVS Plan and $5 Challenge

This week, CVS is the place to go for school supplies. I love going to Wal-Mart and Office Depot for nickel-and-dime items but nothing beats free at CVS! Since last week's ECBs came up to $30.33, I plan to buy all the school items up to the limits allowed. FYI the school supplies are only on sale Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. After Tuesday no ECBs are printing!

The deals and prices are posted here. View the weekly ad here.

First Transaction:
* All items are FREE after ECB unless noted
2 notebooks
2 blunt scissors
3 Papermate pens
2 glue
2 wood rulers
2 three-subject notebooks (will cost $2)
2 newspapers
2 Tylenol Arthritis*
1 Tylenol 8 hr*
(Use $2 arthritis Q from 6/21 SS;
I also got $2.50 off $10 pain reliever CVS Q last week;
With these Qs, this is a $3.50 money maker!)

Estimated total: $30.84
Will use $30.33 ECBs
Possible OOP: $0.51 & Tax only
ECBs expected: $28.50

That's $23 school supplies for $2!

Second Transaction:
$7.99 - $3Q Gillette Razor (from "junk" mail!)
$7.99 Photobook
$5.99 - $1Q Gain 2x Ultra
Subtotal: $18
Will use $18 ECB
Total OOP: Tax only
ECB expected: $14

If I only had 1 more Tylenol $2Q...
I would use this moneymaker scenario:
Buy 3 Tylenol Arthritis, $3.99 each
Use 3 $2Q from 6/21 SS
Use $2.50 off $10 Pain reliever CVS Q
(CVS Q printed with the receipt!)

Pay $3.41 OOP, Get $9 ECB
$5.59 moneymaker after ECBs!

Having a detailed shopping list really helps me shop at CVS. Finding the items only takes minutes. But the checkout takes more than double time because of the coupons. Oh what we do for FREE stuff! So if you are a newbie, I suggest starting out with a shorter list and fewer transactions, like the CVS $5 Challenge.

The CVS $5 Challenge is a chance to flex the brain a little. The challenge is to list up to 3 transactions and spend no more than $5 out of pocket (OOP) for everything. Getting Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) at the end is an added bonus. My strategy is listed below but you can see what other CVSers have come up with at Keeping the Kingdom First.

Transaction #1:
2 Tylenol Arthritis, $3.99 each
-$2 x 2 Q from 6/21 SS
Subtotal $4
Pay $4 OOP, Get $6 ECB

Transaction #2:
1 Gillette Fusion, $7.99
-$4 Q from 6/7 PG

1 Tylenol Arthritis, $3.99 each
-$2 Q (limit 3!)

1 Airwick Freshmatic I-Motion, $4.99
-$4 Q from

Subtotal: $7
Use $6 ECB from #1
Pay $1 OOP, Get $7 ECB

Transaction #3:
1 notebook, $0.99
1 Papermate pen, $0.99
1 glue, $0.99
1 wood ruler, $0.99
1 blunt scissors, $2.99

Subtotal: $6.93
Use $7 ECB from #2
Pay $0 OOP, Get $7 ECB

Cost of Goods Before Coupons and ECBs: $32
Grand Total Out of Pocket (OOP): $5
Amount Extra Care Bucks earned: $7 ECBs

Rolling ECBs is the best way to go!

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