Monday, July 13, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge Week 1

Today is the official start of the All You Grocery Challenge! I hope you have all signed-up. If not for the camaraderie, the amount of money saved after this challenge is motivation enough to do it! For this week, our dinners are posted in the Menu Plan Monday Post.

As for breakfasts, we'll have cereal, oatmeal, and today, Kraft Bagelfuls... I love those things. These are all in our pantry's stockpile. For lunches, we'll have sandwiches, salads and soups. Basically transformed leftovers! For a treat tonight, we are eating at Flounder's. They're having the monthly fishing seminar with FREE buffet and we always have a blast attending.

This morning, before the children woke up, I had a whole hour to work in our little container garden. Without a yard, we are restricted to gardening in 5-gallon buckets. But for a small family, that works for us. These are the basil and oregano I picked. A few leaves of mint are sprinkled in there somewhere. I don't know what to do with fresh oregano, so I'll dry them instead. The basil will be delicious in the spaghetti this week. Publix has mushrooms for $1.50/8 oz that will be added also.

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