Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Walgreens Shopping and Using Register Rewards

On my way to get WIC at the new Publix, I stopped by Walgreens to get these. I paid $20.64 out of pocket and got $14 in Register Rewards (RR). I don't mind because the St. Ives are FREE after the RR and the Ragu is only $0.75 each. I might go back and do this deal again. They have Energizer lithium batteries on sale for $7.99. I'll use the RRs to buy these. It turns out that alkaline batteries are worthless for using cameras.

Register Rewards get complicated for me. This is another reason I shy away from Walgreens. Walgreens RRs are same as cash, except you generally cannot use them to rollover the same deals. For example, this St. Ives bodywash is $2.99. When you pay for it you will get $3 RR. If you buy another St. Ives bodywash and use this $3 RR, you will get it for FREE but you will not get another $3RR to print. So you have to buy something else. It could be something else that will give you RRs (like Ragu) but just not the same product. It takes more work and planning to use up these RRs and they expire in 3 weeks.

* I prefer to buy most of my toiletries at CVS. At CVS, their ECBs also work as cash. And it is ok to rollover deals. Once, I've done 5 separate transactions because I've needed to rollover the ECBs (I think I only had $5 to begin with and could not buy more than one item at a time). I typically go early Sunday or late on Monday when there are hardly any customers and this would not be a problem.

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