Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Bought WIC at Publix!

The real reason I went to Publix yesterday is to get my WIC items. Special K was BOGO so I got 4 boxes instead of just 2. Heather also told me that Cabot cheese is WIC approved. So I got healthier cheeses: 2% Kraft Cheddar and 75% Fat Free Cabot cheddar. Publix milk is also All-Natural and the cows were not treated with rBST artificial hormone.

I would have spent $30.59 for these but intstead I got it FREE with WIC. To find out if you qualify, check out their income guidelines. For example, the max income for a family of 4 is $40,793. To learn more about the program itself, see their website. And I only go every 3 months to the Dept of Health to pick the WIC checks and every 6 months to get the kids' check-ups. They are very professional and courteous. I will be very sad in October when our youngest turns 5 because then we will no longer enjoy WIC benefits. So it's definitely worth to sign-up if you qualify.

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