Saturday, June 13, 2009

Buy Eyeglasses Online

Zenni Optical: Prescription Eyeglasses for $8!

A few months back I read a post at Money Saving Mom about buying eyeglasses online. Then I saw another post by Mummy Deals right after I bought 2 pairs from Zenni Optical. They are also in the May Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. There they are above, hubby's is the top one and mine is at the bottom. It took two weeks after I placed the order. They came in the mail in a hard case with a nice cleaning cloth. They were very high quality and looked much like my old $150 glasses. I could not have been more impressed!

Of course I was extremely skeptical at first. Who would buy eyeglasses without trying them on first? But I was desperate. I had two glasses that broke because my son pulled one apart and I the other. Too brittle from old age I guess! Then my hubby lost his. So I thought, what the hey! It's just $8! And since we both prefer contacts, the glasses were just for nighttime use anyway.

Warning: They have lots of frames to choose from and many extras to add, so hold on to your budget! The cheapest is $8 but you can buy more expensive frames. The shipping is $4.50. I bought mine and my hubby's together and still only paid $4.50 for shipping. So altogether, 2 glasses for $20!

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